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We are ATS & CTTS supplier authorized by ASCO.

Reliably transfer business-critical loads to emergency sources with our line of industry-leading automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches. ASCO automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches are applicable in many environments, ranging from residential, agricultural and light commercial applications to the critical power needs.

Get the advantage of having an emergency power system equipped by best-in-class technology with ASCO transfer switches. ASCO 7000 Series Power Transfer Switches are available in bypass-isolation configurations to allow testing of the switch without interrupting power to the load. When an integrated solution is required, ASCO Power Transfer Load Centers are available in configurations that can include a transfer switch load panel, circuit breakers and voltage surge suppression pre-wired in a compact package.

ASCO 4000 Series Power Transfer Switch

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Product characteristics

  • Transfer loads between alternate sources of power regardless of ampacity size efficiently with ASCO 4000 Power Transfer Switches made possible with reliable, field proven solenoid operating mechanisms.
  • Combined with programmable microprocessor controllers, they offer the most advanced method of transferring loads.​​​