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Protection Relay

Protection Relay
We are protection relay supplier of Siemens.
Investments are reliably protected in the case of system and functional expansions and even Solutions from Siemens make it possible to adapt the availability factor of a station individually. Redundancy protocols and functional redundancies implemented with SICAM and SIPROTEC devices ensure the safe transmission of all data – because reliable data communication is the basis of all automation tasks and, thus, for the operational safety of a substation.

And Siemens participates in most standardization bodies and user groups on the international stage and has the largest installed bas worldwide: More than 300,000 devices with IEC 61850 are in operation around the globe.
Siemens offers users the possibility to draw maximum benefits from IEC 61850. Discover what it means to tap the full potential of the IEC 61850 standard.


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Product characteristics

  • We are committed to high technology development and manufacture with full use of the latest software at all stages of product development, manufacture and testing.
  • This can be seen in the latest digital products that REYROLLE offer and is continuing with new innovations as part of the Siemens group.